Vikki collects prayer cards from funerals and memorials

Is life passing us by as we keep our minds super-busy? Are we missing out on the beautiful world around us as we constantly think about the future jordan 13s blue — what we need to do, our anxieties about what might happen — and the past — what we did wrong, what someone else did to us, what we said, what should have happened?

Inside the house, my children were also busy, as ever, making a mess of the house (which my wife and I would soon clean up), getting into things, their natural curiosity overpowering our previous pleas for them not to play with lotion or take things apart.

For my friend, Vikki, though,13s black and red what to pack isn't as important as whom to pack. She takes her family and friends everywhere. Vikki took her mother skiing in Mammoth last November and she took my mother-in-law to the ruins of Machu Picchu and Rome. Vikki has taken numerous people to exotic places like the outback in Australia,jordan 6 rings ‘grey elephant’ and the Greek Islands—all posthumously and in her bag.